April 23 2014, 10pm

I don’t think a lot of people have noticed but the NA trailer for PL vs AA just says 2014:


(As demonstrated here.)

Whereas it was the UK and AU version of the trailer was the one that said early 2014:


(As demonstrated here.)

My point? Wikipedia is invalid, guys! If we have about two months before we hit the middle of the year and we still don’t have a release date, then what are the chances that we’re going to get PL vs AA in “Early” 2014 like Wikipedia says? Just be patient and hope we get one by the end of this month, or May…

…Heck. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get a release date until June by now….

April 17 2014, 12pm

April 16 2014, 10am

I just realized something in the cutscenes of Azran Legacy. You know how they play Emmy’s theme from Eternal Diva at some point? Well, in one of the scenes (The one were Luke is welcoming Aurora to London,) you can clearly hear the beginning of Luke’s theme play as well. Kind little revisit to his theme uwu

April 13 2014, 12am

Another kid who would probably fit the mystery kids group here on tumblr.